"Ripples in my heart echo

Sensation finding its way up my legs

Beyond my valley

Through each Chakra

It flows

My 3rd eye vibrates

Light radiates

Lips shiver

Like a guitar string plucked softly in Spring

An essence permeates my body 

- I am Loving Exhaling"

"The lonely heart ails at the able inability to give of its self. The most difficult experience my heart has felt is prohibited expression; loving a soul that failed to see my reflection. Even more so my incapacity to - Let go."

"This is your journey

Don't cheat yourself by making it about

-Someone Else."

"An amazing phenomenon takes place when your mind breaks- Free."

"A glimpse of a warranted reality momentarily, a fantasy. Pointless whispers, in moments of solitude, doubt almost won but your heart resisted. You loved me before you knew I existed. The thought of a mere possibility. You adored me when I was just a desire, a figment of your imagination. Before our first kiss, a presence missed. Compromised by my eyes. Consumed by my scent. Yearning my embrace.  You've been loving me for a long time -and I bet you always will"

"slaves to the pain. they will promulgate possession and within minutes deny all claims. you sit reminiscent having to admit your essence might actually be insignificant and any feelings are insufficient while holding no weight in regard to the moves they make and the risks they take. one moment, your presence is wanted and possibility needed, the next you're not listed as a reason for their geographical existence. its not metaphysics but the shits still confusing, isn't it? why are we so afraid-to be totally transparently vulnerable willing to give, receive, show and perceive uncut, straight laced no chase love. the kind of love that you don't give a fuck what people say, you love anyway. where you're willing to admit the weirdest shit. the kind of love when asked why you'd continuously journey through life, to and fro just to see what lies beneath the lonely heart's core and you respond because love just might be near. the kind of love that lives by the words and all actions display, "fuck fear!" isn't this the shit worth striving for. why must we continue to be so conniving and simply assent that we are merely surviving, advancing through the absent abstinence of some truly beautiful, Sacredly selfish and soul seeking shit."

"a bitter sweetly scented compliment, concurrently a distraction to the part of us that knows if we didn't, the light within us would dim. Connected by our pain and our love in the same. The misunderstood understanding the misunderstood, we gather like lost souls on the journey to the unknown through the drips of ink in our pens. -

One day I turned my pain into a pen and I never looked back"


"Imagine how happy we could be if we just lived for right now. If we let go of all expectations and all fear. What would happen if we just let go. If we just lived. why hope for forever when all we have is happening - Right Now"

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"I am not my mind. I am not my body. I am not even my soul. If you take the time to look deep into my eyes, you will see that,

I am Life Speaking."

"We will live the love only spoken in stories, ones heard but never seen. An admiration so unimaginably deep those who see will be reminded of fairy tales, past life dreams. Eternal Light more luminous than the Pleiades in the midnight sky. An innate connection beyond the mind’s understanding. A love that grows abundantly for infinite moments -Void of time."

"We live in a constant state of fear - fear of judgment, fear of loss, fear of love. We exist with masks, guards over our hearts. We hide, we live as someone else and we end up losing ourselves. Shall we be free. Let's.It's funny how people think you've changed when you actually just found the courage

- To be yourself."

“I am not my mind. I am not my body. I am not even my soul. If you take the time to look deep into my eyes, you will see that I am Life Speaking.”